In3Bio’s R&D centre is based in Scotland. We collaborate with leading academic institutions in Europe and with experts all of whom share the same passion for finding the next generation of treatments with an emphasis on tolerability and better quality of life for patients.

Our Opportunity

We are a clinical stage biotech company with a patented novel platform technology for immunotherapy in oncology that has been validated in pre-clinical studies and confirmed to be better in a clinical trial.

Using our patented platform technology, our goal is to develop the next generation of immunotherapy and targeted treatments in oncology therapeutics that:

  • are effective as monotherapy or in combination with other approved therapies
  • has a mild toxicity profile
  • are able to modulate cancers from developing resistance to therapy
  • focuses on providing a better quality of life during treatment

Our diversified novel therapeutics are projected to enter into the clinic in 2022.


Molecule in
Phase I/II


Molecule at manufacturing stage


Molecules in advance development


Cancer indications


Approved drugs  tested in combination with our lead molecule