In3Bio is an innovation driven biotech company with a broad R&D platform of novel therapeutics that offer potential treatment for multiple cancers


Single Target Molecule

Synthetic protein molecules (biologics) are designed, produced and tested. They resemble specific growth factors that play crucial roles in cancer development and progression (tumorigenesis and metastasis).

They function as vaccines, i.e. induce specific antibody responses towards the selected target growth factor.

Bi-Specific Molecule

Bispecific recombinant proteins are designed to resemble two growth factors in chimeric or fused form. Upon vaccination they enable induction of specific antibody responses towards the two target growth factors.


Our protection of IP includes the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Australia and other countries.

We work with patent attorneys in the US (Boston) and the UK (London) to draft out global patent strategies for each invention. This interactive process ensures adequate and effective protection of our IP rights and their commercial value, enabling us to stay competitive.