Effective targeted therapies suffer from the development of resistance and often severe toxicity.

Our novel platform technology modulates resistance and is potentially the mildest therapy in oncology today. 

Our Platform Technology

Targeting the ‘fuel’ that feeds cancer.

With our novel platform technology, we develop synthetic molecules that induce natural antibodies to remove growth factors active in cancer.

Improving existing therapeutics

Augmenting existing approved therapeutics.

First clinical trial has confirmed extending progression free survival without adding toxicity. 

Multiple targets

Addressing multiple growth factors in cancer pathways.

The platform technology can produce mono specific (single target) and bi-specific (multi target)  molecules that target different pathways and address different solid tumours.

How are we different ?

 Our mechanism of action is different. The molecules we produce :

  • do not bind to cell receptors
  • do not interfere with the tumour micro environment 

Our approach works in the extracellular matrix, by triggering B cells response to produce specific antibodies to neutralize the targeted growth factors. Removal of specific growth factors involved in cancer signalling prevent uncontrolled proliferation.

Data from studies suggest that this approach is less toxic than other approved treatments, making our therapeutics well tolerated with a mild toxicity profile when compared to other leading immune-therapies approach in the market.

Our opportunity

We are a clinical stage biotech company with a patented novel platform technology for immunotherapy in oncology that has been validated in pre-clinical studies and confirmed to be better in a clinical trial.