With our technology platform, we are able to develop a pipeline that target different growth factors to treat different solid tumours

Technology Platform

We design synthetic therapeutics that include immunogenic sequence of growth factors domain that express with a synthetic carrier

We develop biologics that include growth factor domain(s) and an immunogenic carrier.

In3Bio’s innovative approach allows us to develop novel mono- or bi-specific therapeutics, in order to treat cancers which are often controlled by multiple growth factor-triggered pathways.

Our broad portfolio contains engineered synthetic growth factors; their natural counterparts playing crucial roles in tumour signalling pathways and (thereby) drug resistance modulation. Our pipeline covers a broad selection of candidates, each targeting major and multiple indications.

Together with other approved agents, in particular various small-molecule inhibitors used in precision-medicine directed targeted therapy, our pipeline includes combinations that have demonstrated significant potential in established pre-clinical models.

In3Bio’s proprietary molecules are designed to resemble natural growth factors (ligands) present in the body. Many types of growth factors are involved in the proliferation and metastasis of cancer.
The synthetic molecules also contain an immunogenic carrier domain. Exposed to the immune system following vaccination, they induce a specific antibody response. The latter causes neutralisation of the targeted growth factor(s).