We have established an efficient and successful R&D model, from pre-clinical platform to translational clinical research that allow us to validate the proof of concept in clinical and eventually bringing our new therapeutics to various patient populations.

We focus on developing next generation therapeutics that induce immune response towards growth factors that are the hallmark of cancer proliferative signalling. We collaborate with experienced R&D teams across the Immnuno-Oncology discipline.

The mild nature of the active immunization approach to remove cancer growth factor targets greatly reduce cellular toxicity and allows combination therapies to be more effective without increasing the toxicity burden. Our pre-clinical data suggests the combination of our novel therapeutics with several small molecule inhibitors could delay the resistance to therapy which emerges. This is one of the biggest challenges in the modern precision medicine.

We continue to invest in research and development to remain competitive in the field of immune therapeutics which has a huge potential for growth. Our research and development activities are mainly focused on:

Pre-clinical and clinical development of versatile therapeutics that induce immune response that target cancer growth factors

We aim to develop therapeutics that create new standard of safety in cancer treatment without increase toxicity burden to patients

We continuous to improve our therapeutics with high efficacy, less toxicity and help resistance in combination strategies of market demand