IN3BIO has developed and patented synthetically created “growth factors” that are given to  patients to stimulate a natural antibody response. The induced antibodies are designed to only remove the targeted growth factors that activate known cancer proliferation pathways. This active immunization approach stimulates the patients’ own immune system to recognize tumour-associated antigen, and in this case, the growth factors that also play important roles in normal cells growth and healing.

Growth factors are molecules that support solid tumour progression. This is well documented in many studies. They bind to transmembrane receptors harbouring kinase activity to stimulate specific intracellular signalling pathways.  The activation of growth factors through biding to overexpressed receptors in solid tumours often lead to over-proliferation and progression.

Our approach is extra cellular and does not directly interact with any part of the cell itself , making our therapeutics well tolerated with a mild profile when compared to other leading immune-therapies approach in the market. The safety profile had been demonstrated in the toxicity studies in an animal model.