With patients’ welfare a priority, our primary objective is to develop treatments that are effective and excel in tolerability, in order to ensure a better quality of life.


Our R&D model starts from a pre-clinical platform, followed by a translational/clinical stadium, the latter allowing to validate proof of concept in a clinical setting and eventually bringing our new therapeutics to the patient.

We focus on developing next-generation therapeutics that induce a B-cell immune response towards growth factors that are active in tumorigenesis and metastasis. Our collaboration with several expert R&D and clinical teams allows us to explore different immuno-oncology directions.

Drug resistance is one of the biggest challenges in modern Precision Medicine.

The mild nature of our active immunisation approach greatly reduces toxicity, allowing potential combination therapies to be feasible and more effective without increasing the toxicity burden. Our pre-clinical data shows that combination of our biologics with small-molecule inhibitors (SMI) delays resistance to SMI therapy.

The key drivers of our research and development activities are:



We have advanced pre-clinical and clinical R&D of versatile biologics that facilitate immunotherapy by targeting cancer-dominating growth factors.


We develop therapeutics that create a new standard of tolerability in cancer treatment without increasing toxicity burden.


We continue to improve our therapeutics with high efficacy, less toxicity and help resistance in combination strategies of market demand